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"I was a resident at Day By Day's women's sober houses for 17 months, it was my first experience in sober living and being in recovery. I learned sisterhood, a new way to live, and how to live responsibly. I'm so grateful and appreciative to Day By Day for the opportunity to learn and grow but to also put my recovery first!" 

Niger Bly, 2020

"I had resided at Day By Day's sober men's house for 34 months and it was one of the best experiences I went through! At first, I isolated a lot then I thought I needed stability, rules, and most of all I needed boundaries! Meeting the Loves was a charm, especially Angelo Love. Having him as a coach motivated me to want to live a recovery lifestyle and finding that he is a mentor/friend to me. I live a 12-step lifestyle, got a sponsor and today I've been sober for 3 yrs, and my journey started at Day By Day, it saved my life."

                                                                                                            Herman Gordon, 2020

"My journey at Day By Day's men's sober house began a year ago. I had spent three weeks in the hospital due to having an alcohol withdrawal seizure, fell and hit my head I had a blood pooling up around my brain. So they had to cut my head open to drain it out and then I was shipped over to a nursing home to relearn how to walk, and regather my speech. From there I chose to go to Vinland National Center and I spent two and a half months there. When my time was done there I went into sober living and that is where my journey began at Day By Day! It has been an amazing journey. The life I'm living now is amazing and unregrettable. The support, strength, and courage I've gained from Angelo & DeEtte Love, my housemates, and my family is extremely empowering and helps me everyday!"

                                                                                                     Steve Swanson, 2020

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